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Est: €10,500 EUR - €14,000 EURPassed
Aletheia SubastasFebruary 25, 2021Barcelona, Spain

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Gustave Graef (Alemania, 1821-1895) Retrato de Eloisia Aguilar de Dios. Óleo sobre lienzo. Firmado y fechado en 1889. 116 x 76 cm. Pintor alemán, principalmente de retratos y temas históricos. Su formación como pintor comenzó en Düsseldorf con Theodor Hildebrandt y Wilhelm von Schadow en la Royal Academy . Realizó varios viajes de estudios a Amberes, París, Munich e Italia. Después de 1862, se centró en los retratos femeninos idealizados, lo que le supuso un gran éxito comercial. Se convirtió en miembro de la Academia de las Artes de Prusia en 1880.

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Antiques & Fine Art: Colonial and Spanish Art.

Aletheia Subastas
February 25, 2021, 05:00 PM CET

Carrer d’Aribau, 123, Barcelona, 08036, ES


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1. The lots will be awarded to the highest bidder.
2. The auction price will be increased by 22,38% for the room's intermediation fees (VAT included). Live-bidding customers will pay an extra 5% taken from the Hammer Price.

3. The auctioneer will be the person designated by ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * for this purpose and will be the sole judge regarding the awarding of the lots and their auction prices. In the event that a lot raises adjudication problems regarding the auction price or identity of the buyer, the auctioneer will decide the adjudication or may auction it again in the same session.

5.ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * will accept bids in writing until 2:00 p.m. on the auction day, if bids are admitted after that time ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * will not be responsible for possible errors that arise due to this circumstance. Said bids must be formalized in the forms provided for it by the room, the lot number always prevailing over the description. In these bids, the room will represent the buyer up to the maximum indicated in its offer, awarding the lots at the lowest possible price. In the event that there are two offers for the same amount, the one deposited with a previous date will have priority.

6. ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * reserves the right to accept telephone bids depending on the criteria it deems appropriate, always with prior presentation by the client of sufficient guarantees that must also be formalized in the forms provided by the room. An order to place a telephone bid implies that the bidder undertakes, at least, to cover the starting price. The room is not responsible for the lack of telephone contact or the loss of it. In that case, the room will cover the starting price for the bidder.

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8. The data on the lots published in the catalog respond to the criteria of ALETHEIA SUBASTAS *, and as such criteria, they should not be taken as fact. Buyers must form their own opinion before the auction, so the objects to be auctioned will be publicly displayed at least seven days in advance. ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * will not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of its cataloging.

9. The lots acquired by the buyers will be delivered in the state observed in the exhibition, without accepting returns for restorations, damages, breakages, etc., even if they have not been recorded in the catalog. Cancellations of the sale will only be accepted, therefore, when the pieces have suffered some type of deterioration from the day the exhibition closes and the seven days after the auction. In the case of the sale of watches, we do not guarantee the correct operation of the machinery, even when we indicate that it is in working order since this indicates that it can be put into operation but not that it works with precision.

10. The payment and withdrawal of the lots will be made within a period not exceeding seven days from the auction. ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * is not responsible for any damage caused to the pieces after this period:
• - After this period, custody and storage costs of € 2 per day per batch will accrue.
• - The customer must pay all bank charges in case of making the payment by bank transfer, accepting only those transfers in which the amount received matches that of the purchase invoice.
• - The withdrawal of the purchased pieces will be made at the ALETHEIA SUBASTAS offices * The buyers will have to take charge of the organization of the transport of the lots, in the event that they could not pick them up personally, the buyer being responsible for the shipping costs of the same and of its exclusive responsibility the loss or the damages that could be caused during the transport.
• - After one month from the auction without the buyer having proceeded to pay and withdraw the awarded lots, ALETHEIA SUBASTAS * may terminate the sale without prejudice to the corresponding legal actions and without the buyer having any right to your claim.

11. PERMISSIONS. All clients must inform themselves if the acquired pieces need an export permit, CITES or other permits before they are removed from the room. The fees to be paid in each case will be borne by the client. It is the client's responsibility to obtain said permits and the non-concession or delay in obtaining it will in no case exempt him from the payment of the piece, which must be made during the seven days after the auction.

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We take care of organizing the shipping with companies specializing in the sector.