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Boldly penned AMQS on an off-white 9.75 x 7.5 sheet, prominently signed, “H. Berlioz, 1 Dicembre 1856.” Berlioz neatly pens seven bars from the ‘Love Scene’ of his magnificent large-scale choral symphony Romeo et Juliette. In fine condition, with light stains to blank areas and toning to the perimeter, all of which could be matted out for a fabulous display. Funded by a generous gift of 20,000 francs from virtuoso violinist Niccolo Paganini, Berlioz’s decade-long endeavor to realize the Shakespearean tragedy came to fruition before a full audience at Paris’s Odeon Theatre on November 24, 1839. Romeo and Juliet has long been considered Berlioz’s finest and most comprehensive work, with the symphony’s adagio, or Love Scene, regarded by the composer himself as his favorite piece of his entire repertoire. Exceptionally desirable in any format, this is the first Berlioz AMQS we have offered with Full PSA Letter.
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