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Lot 1001: Hendrik Jacobus Scholten (1824-1907) 'De Muiderkri…

Est: €2,000 EUR - €4,000 EUR
Veilinghuis Van SpengenFebruary 27, 2024KR Hilversum, Netherlands

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Hendrik Jacobus Scholten (1824-1907)
'De Muiderkring'Interior of the Ridderzaal at the Muiderslot with, among others, P.C. Hooft, Marie Tesselschade Roemer and Jacob Cats engaged in conversationcreated ca. 1860, oil on canvas, 87 x 130 cm, with possible remnants of a signature l.l.-Note: This work was created by Scholten for the historical gallery at Arti et Amicitiaeí, around 1860. For a long time the painting's whereabouts were unknown and only an engraving in Nederlands geschiedenis en volksleven (1869-1872) and a schoolplate by J. Mesker showed what it looked like. These were used by Mieke B. Smits-Veldt in her article about The Muiderking, when she discussed the origin of this legendary painting.The Muiderkring was an inmportant group of authors, poets, artists and musicians who, according to legend, would meet at P.C. Hooft's summer house: the Muiderslot. However, this is a 19th Century historical myth. Some of the depicted people did in fact meet and have visited the Muiderslot, however it is unlikely they were there at the same time. The myth was created to illustrate and highlight the Dutch cultural accomplishments of the 17th century and has been the subject of many important historical paintings--Lit.: Mieke B. Smits-Veldt, 'De Muiderking in beeld: Een vaderlands gezelschap in negentiende-eeuwse schilderijen', 1998, read it here:

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Veilinghuis Van Spengen
February 27, 2024, 07:00 PM CET

Koninginneweg 25, KR Hilversum, 1217, NL


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