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Henry Ritter (1816 - 1853)

Lot 179: *Henry Ritter (1816-1853)


November 28, 2001
New York, NY, US

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*Henry Ritter (1816-1853) the prairie fire signed Henry Ritter and dated 1851, l.l. oil on canvas 24 by 33 1/4 in. (61 by 84.5cm.) Born in Montreal, Canada, Henry Ritter trained as an artist first in Hamburg and then Dusseldorf, GermaN0. Very little is known about his career, but he is said to have earned particular recognition for his marine subjects. Among his principle paintings are Smugglers Struggling with English Soldiers, 1839, A Marriage Proposal in Normandy, 1842 and Young Pilot Drowned, which was purchased by the Art Society of Prussia. Ill health prevented him from completing maN0 of his works, among them a series sketches intended to be used as illustrations for an edition of the collected writings of Washington Irving. One of his paintings is recorded under the title Indians Flying before a Burning Prairie, which may refer to the present work.


24 by 33 1/4 in.


Hamburg Kunsthalle, Hamburg, GermaN0

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