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Hermann Nitsch (1938 - 2022)

Lot 158: Hermann Nitsch * (born 1938 in Vienna) Dripping,


May 28, 2008
Vienna, Austria

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Hermann Nitsch * (born 1938 in Vienna) Dripping, from the six-day event at Prinzendorf Castle, 3-9 August 1998, signed and dated on the reverse Hermann Nitsch 1998 and inscribed 6TS/98 N. 40, blood, oil and dispersion on canvas, mounted on a wooden frame, 200 x 300 cm, (K) during those six days participants can take short or extensive walks in the surroundings of the castle and prinzendorf. this will be possible above all in the morning hours, at noon, or in the evenings, when action activities will be less intensive. the o.m.theater (prinzendorf castle) should be seen as the nucleus of creation around which everything else is taking place. participants will return to the principal performance at intervals. the castle should resemble a cult site of the grail. hermann nitsch, das orgien mysterien theater. das 6 tage spiel, partituren aller aufgeführten aktionen, edition freibord, Vienna 1998

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Contemporary Art

May 28, 2008, 6:00 PM CET

Vienna, Austria