James D. Julia

March 10, 2008
Fairfield, ME, US

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Description: *ISRAELI(TYPE)FN/FAL "HEAVY BARREL" WITH BIPOD. SN 88053. Cal. 7.62. This heavy bbl Israeli style FN/FAL was mfg. by SBL in Israel in conjunction with Onyx Arms of Montana. It is comprised of an Israeli heavy bbl squad machine gun parts kit on a new made (not sear cut) upper receiver which is semi-automatic. PROVENANCE: Stern Collection. CONDITION: Upper receiver and dust cover show approx 95% parkerizing with minor nicks from storage and use.  Bbl and gas assembly as well as muzzle break and bipod show approx 90% of what appears to be orig finish.  The lower receiver assembly shows approx 90% of the black enamel with the majority of loss being around the selector.  Israeli markings on the lower receiver were taken off prior to import.  Buttstock is in very good condition with some minor bruising but nothing that detracts from it.  Hinge buttplate assembly is also in very good condition retaining approx 90% of its finish with some touch up on the hinged leg.  Front hand guard is in excellent condition and shows no sign of use or abuse as does the plastic pistol grip.  Mechanics are crisp, bore is bright and shiny. 4-33931 BK31 (1,200-2,500)
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