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Description: An interesting lot of Jack London material.1) A short autograph note signed by Jack London, apparently the program for a speaking engagement: "(a) Lecture - The Class Struggle; (b) Readings from 'Call of the Wild.' Jack London." On half sheet of plain paper, his Telegraph Ave., Oakland rubberstamp at upper right. Dec. 20, 1904. 2) Envelope (empty) on which Jack London has written, "My Outlook on Life - How I became a Socialist." Unsigned and undated.3) Typed sheet headed "Horse Medicines," with recipes for Tonic Digestive, Eye-Wash, and Cough, after the first of which Jack London has written "for exceptionally run-down condition & severe cold." Unsigned and undated.4)Typed list of Seven Miscellaneous Articles - to which Jack London has crossed out Seven, and written Eight, and added at the bottom "That Dead Men Rise Up, never republished (?) in U.S and in Eng." Unsigned, with most recent publication date of listed articles being Sept/5/08.
8 1/2" x 11"
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