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Lot 39: Jacobus Houbraken: Portrait George Frideric Handel

Est: $100 USD - $500 USDPassed
500 GalleryFebruary 01, 2020Franklin, MA, US

Item Overview


Jacobus Houbraken (1698-1780): Portrait George Frideric Handel. Copper engraving on paper. Signed in plate "J. Houbraken sculps. Below the portrait is a scene from Alexander's Feast. Framed.


20 x 14 inches framed.

Artist or Maker

Condition Report

Aged condition, lower and upper right corners are discolored. There is a very small area of paper loss on the sitter's right shoulder.


Private collection.


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New Year Modern & African Art Sale Timed Sale

500 Gallery
February 01, 2020, 12:00 PM EST

1243 Pond Street, Franklin, MA, 02038, US


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The term Original means that an artwork is not a copy. Original artworks are usually made by hand. However, Original does not have the same meaning as Authentic.


Authentic, or By, indicates that an artwork is by the artist named. When these terms are used, it is because there is historical documentation, or full provenance.
Examples: Authentic Andy Warhol; By Andy Warhol

Authenticated indicates that the artwork has been deemed authentic by a recognized authority, or as the conclusion of scholarly research.
Examples: Authenticated Andy Warhol; Andy Warhol, Authenticated


Attributed (Attr.) is the term we use when we believe that there is a strong possibility that the artwork is by the artist whose name is on it, but unfortunately there is no provenance or conclusive documentation to prove it. Further research by scholars, or opinions of experts, may confirm or conflict with our opinion. Attribution is not authentication.

Examples: Famous Artist (1900-1999) Attributed; Famous Artist (1900-1999) Attr.

In The Manner Of

In The Manner Of, or simply Manner Of, is used to qualify an artwork which strongly resembles the work of a master artist. It is often used on artworks bearing the name of a famous artist, but not believed to be by that artist's hand.

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Attributed/In The Manner Of

The combination term Attributed/In The Manner Of is used for artworks which show significant possibility of authenticity, combined with an element of doubt. It is most often used on works bearing the names of artists whose work has historically been the subject of forgeries.

Example: Famous Artist (1900-1999) Attributed/Manner Of


After is the term used in two ways:

To denote that the work is a copy of a known artwork by another artist;
To indicate that the artwork is a mechanically printed reproduction of an original artwork which exists in another media. Sometimes reproductions are hand-signed by the artist.
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School Of /Follower Of

School Of and Follower Of are terms with similar meaning to In The Manner Of. It suggests that the artwork is strongly influenced by the work of a master artist. Both terms are usually applied to unsigned works which cannot be attributed to the master artist.

Examples: Famous Artist (1900-1999) School of; Follower of Famous Artist; Etc.

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Historically, the term comes from hand-made etching or engraving plates which contain the signature of the artists who created them.
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Open Edition means that there is an unknown number of examples, and, if the printing plates exist, there is the possibility that more prints may be made in the future.