Jacqueline Horler

Lot 24A: Jacqueline Horler - Silence is Golden series

Accessible Art Fair

November 3, 2016
Brussels, Belgium

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Description: Over the years she has worked in many media and is currently working with acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas and paper. Her paintings are mostly abstract and she thinks of these as a series of ‘imaginative landscapes’ often inspired by places, literature and poetry.

Process is a very important part in what she does. Everything is mutable, fluid. Nothing is fixed. Her paintings are built up over a period of time, layer upon layer, one thing leading into another by way of accident, serendipity and oblique association. Themes emerging as though by chance and certain symbols taking on a language of their own.

Her work has a suggestiveness and sensuality to it. It radiates a certain energy or ‘life force’.
Dimensions: 42x56cm
Artist or Maker: Jacqueline Horler
Medium: mixed media on paper
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