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Jacques Cartier (1907 - 2001)

Lot 185: Jacques Cartier (1907-2001) Tigre marchant Sanguine sur papier


March 8, 2021
Paris, France

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Jacques Cartier (1907-2001) Tigre marchant
Sanguine sur papier
Signée en bas à droite "JACQUES CARTIER" et datée "31", encadrée
Dimensions (sans cadre) : 30,5 x 47 cm (12 x 18 1/2 in.)

Provenance : Vente à Paris, Hôtel Drouot, le 31 janvier 2014, lot 133.

Red chalk on paper, signed and dated lower right

Good overall condition despite the inevitable wears and marks in accordance with age. Paper is crinkled. Not examined unframed.

Estimation 100 - 150 €

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The terms of its application vary from one country to another. Buyers are required to check the legislation applicable in their country in this regard before bidding.
Any lot including a part in ivory or rosewood, regardless of the date it was made or its certificate of origin, cannot be imported into the United States, as per the applicable legislation in this country. This is indicated by an (s).

8. Withdrawal of purchases

Lots can be collected directly from Artcurial at the address indicated in the online catalogue and on the invoice, during working hours, within 30 days after the sale.
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Artcurial SAS declines all liability for damages the item might sustain from the time it leaves its storage premises.

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12. Protection of personal data

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