Lot 52: Joan de Burgunya (Strasbourg, ?- Barcelona, 1526) "The Martyrdom of Saint

La Suite Subastas

October 27, 2016
Barcelona, Spain

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Description: Joan de Burgunya (Strasbourg, ?- Barcelona, 1526) "The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence"
Oil on board. The painting represents the martyrdom of Saint Lawrence on the gridiron, and, as Professor Pitarch observes in his study of the painting, it undoubtedly used to form part of an altarpiece dedicated to the life of the saint individually or alongside Saint Vincent, who was also a deacon and one of Lawrence´s colleagues. He also points out that "..as a typical characteristic of the first decades of the 16th century, the scene follows the classic canon of shapes and clothing with regard to the naked saint and the breastplate of the two torturers. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this composition would be the shaping of the characters of the people in the scene, augmented by gesture, strength and repose, it is clear there is a knowledge of the language of "contrapposto". Chronologically the painting must have been done between 1510 and 1520, central years in which it is known that the painter was active, with commissions in Barcelona and Girona. Joan de Burgunya was born in Strasbourg and probably trained in Venice. His work is influenced by Italian art and Da Vinci as well as Flemish and German Schools. In 1510 he can be situated in Barcelona, where he painted the missing altarpiece of the Santa Maria del Pi church, and the shields on the seats of the Cathedral in 1519, on the occasion of the meeting of the Order of the Golden Fleece, presided over by Charles V. In his study of the painting Pitarch notes that the Saint Felix altarpiece in Girona (1519-1520) currently kept in the Girona Museu d'Art, can be used as a reference to place our panel. The painting comes with a certificate signed by Antoni José Pitarch. 118,5 x 61,5 cm.
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Medieval Art Auction

La Suite Subastas
October 27, 2016, 7:00 PM CET

Barcelona, Spain

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