Joel Shapiro (b. 1941)

Lot 252: Joel Shapiro , b. 1941 Untitled (JS-819-SC) silicon bronze plate


November 15, 2007
New York, NY, US

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Description: silicon bronze plate
Dimensions: 88 by 80 by 72 in. 223.5 by 203.2 by 182.9 cm.
Notes: Executed in 1987-1988, this work is one from an edition of 3.
Shapiro is one of those rare artists on the contemporary scene: he can navigate the current art market and find both formal and professional success. For a sculptor who emerged during the doldrums of the 1970s, Shapiro wisely borrowed the spartan "primary structures" of minimalism and the Earth-First aesthetic of post-minimalism (his medium is wood, or bronze castings of wood). He maintains the sensibility of his times, including an acute awareness of scale. Yet he wrestles sculpture away from the obstreperousness and soullessness of minimalism to create work with spirit, joy, and internal animation. Once more, sculpture gives as much as it receives. - James Panero, "Gallery Chronicle," The New Criterion, vol. 21, no. 10, June, 2003
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