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Description: John Little Am. 1907-1984 Title Unknown Signed and dated "John Little 58" l.l. of c. and "John Little 1958" verso Oil on canvas 24 x 20 in. 61.0 x 50.8 cm
Artist or Maker: John Little
Condition Report: Good condition, good appearance, no apparent restoration when examined with a black light
Literature: Oil on canvas
Notes: Title Unknown
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Shipping Information: Barridoff does not handle the shipment of any items. All shipping requests are handled through a local shipping agent whose contact information will be provided to all winning bidders. Goods will not be shipped until payment has cleared.
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PHOTOGRAPHS: Please note that whenever possible, the specific medium of all photographic images in this sale is listed in the various catalogue entries. Whether they are listed as "photographs", or more specifically as "gelatin silver prints", 'photogravures", etc..., the medium is the original.
When mounted, the catalogue entry includes that information. However, lots 76 and 77 are catalogued as mounted but are not. They are listed correctly with all the condition reports. If a lot was mounted, it was most likely always mounted and was intended to be mounted.

A statement of condition as found here on for any lot that includes only the four words "Good condition, good appearance" and no further explanation of a lot's condition, indicates a preliminary examination only by the staff of Barridoff Galleries. In such a case in particular, although also highly recommended for any lot, the prospective bidder should ask for a more extensive examination, examine the painting him or herself, or have a professional restorer do so on his or her behalf.

All oils in the sale must be assumed to have some craquelure. Craquelure will be mentioned if it seems, in our opinion, to be extensive, separated, or obtrusive, especially for its date. Loss of intensity or color in watercolors will be mentioned only if it seems, in our opinion, to be significant or obtrusive. Almost every watercolor has some loss of intensity from aging and direct or indirect light over time. We qualify those pictures we feel to be in mint condition with the term "mint or nearly mint", "pristine or nearly pristine", "little or no restoration", "little or no restoration, probably none", or the like, in order to avoid problems arising from differences of opinion and interpretation. We use "restoration" to mean inpaint or overpaint, and treat lining and thinness (or overcleaning/loss of paint surface) as issues separate from restoration. "Very minor scattered restoration" means it seems to us almost not worth mentioning; "minor scattered restoration" means a bit more. "Scattered restoration" alone may mean anything from several scattered spots to many scattered spots, but none of these is usually or particularly meaningful or bothersome. Unless very serious, we usually don't include thinness of surface paint in most condition reports because, again, it is often a matter of opinion and taste. The problem would have to be very obvious to the naked eye to be included. We do not mention minor ghosts of a crease or line on the surface caused by a stretcher unless it is in some way atypical or impacts significantly on the surface. If an image is painted directly on Masonite, board, canvasboard or the like, it is not considered lined and therefore nothing about its being lined is mentioned in condition reports. Barridoff Galleries tries to distinguish between works painted directly on such supports and those canvases that are laid down on such supports, but does not guarantee the type of support or lining. Although we will answer as best we can any questions in regard to the surface, if the buyer has questions about it, he or she is cautioned to examine the work under consideration in person or have an expert look at it for him/her. If a condition report includes no mention of lining, the subject artwork is probably not lined or is painted directly on a hard surface such as a panel. No one representing Barridoff Galleries is a qualified expert in regard to condition or restoration. While we do our best to provide an accurate description of condition no matter the medium, our description is in no way to be understood as a guarantee. Again, bidders are herein advised to examine any item in the sale prior to bidding in person and/or to have a qualified restorer of his/her own choosing do so for them. The Conditions of Sale found on the inside front cover and on page 4 of the catalogue also preclude any statements made in any other fashion and in any regard. Condition reports are in no way to be considered a guarantee of any kind. Our expertise in regard to condition is limited. This is particularly true of works on paper (including photographs), sculpture, and, most particularly of all, Old Masters. Those very few, if any, paintings whose condition reports may be more extensive and technical, are done by or with the help of a professional restorer. However, this disclaimer applies to all condition reports.
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