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John Penn (b. 1921)

Lot 339: John Penn

RR Auction

March 13, 2013
Amherst, NH, US

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The last governor of colonial Pennsylvania (1729-1795). Partly-printed DS, one page, 12 x 8, October 28, 1768. Lieutenant Governor Penn grants Alexander Blaine a "License to trade with the Nations or Tribes of Indians, with whom his Majesty is connected, and who live under his protection." The license stipulated that Blaine was "not to trade or traffick with; or vend, sell, or dispose, of any Goods, Wares or Merchandizes of any Kind whatever, to any Indian or Indians within the Country of any the Indian Nations aforesaid, beyond the Settlements of the Inhabitants, except at Fort Pitt & the Forts or Posts which are already, or shall hereafter by established by his Majesty, and garrisoned by his Troops." In very good condition, with intersecting folds, one through a single letter of signature, rough top edge, a few partial fold separations, and some scattered toning.

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