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Lot 352: JOHN SEYMOUR LUCAS R.A. 1849-1923. 'Phyllis is my only Love'. Fine interior scene with a male lute player serenading a female companion at the keyboard. Signed lower left, further signed verso on the canvas. In a good period giltwood frame. 76cm x 60cm.

Est: £700 GBP - £1,000 GBPSold:
Chiswick AuctionsDecember 13, 2016London, United Kingdom

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JOHN SEYMOUR LUCAS R.A. 1849-1923. 'Phyllis is my only Love'. Fine interior scene with a male lute player serenading a female companion at the keyboard. Signed lower left, further signed verso on the canvas. In a good period giltwood frame. 76cm x 60cm.

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Fine Art

Chiswick Auctions
December 13, 2016, 01:00 PM GMT

1 Colville Road, London, LDN, W3 8BL, UK


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We charge 22% buyers premium + VAT. There is a minimum premium of £2.00.


We can arrange shipping, there are costs involved, so take this into account when bidding for large objects. Please email [email protected] for a quote.