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Lot 192: Judaica | Letter from Rabbi Elazar Mintz, Rabbi of Kempen [near Posen], sent to Rabbi Meir Lerner.

Est: $250 USD - $350 USDPassed
Winner's Auctions LTDSeptember 07, 2009Jerusalem, Israel

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Letter/postcard from Rabbi Elazar Mintz, Rabbi of Kempen, near Posen, sent to Rabbi Meir Lerner, Rabbi of Altona. Wednesday, Parshat Pekudei, [1905]. Postcard. Stamped and postmarked. German. A number of Hebrew words.Rabbi Mintz was author of Get Mesudar [Bilogray, 1932]. His work was published posthumously by his grandsons. He was a grandson of Rabbi Elazar Lau, a prominent Hungarian Rabbi at the time of the 'Chatam Sofer'. He authored many books such as Shemen Rokach and others. A number of halachic responses in his grandfather's book were addressed to the writer of this letter.

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Rare Books, Manuscripts, Documents and Jewish Arts

Winner's Auctions LTD
September 07, 2009, 06:00 PM EET

Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem 47 King George Street, Jerusalem, 91076, IL


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