Lot 204: Judaica | Letter from Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik Epstein of Homel.

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September 7, 2009
Jerusalem, Israel

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Description: Letter supporting a candidate for community Rabbi written by Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik Epstein of Homel.Manuscript. 9x21 cm. Very fine condition. The letter includes הנה אנוכי בא עם הספר הלזה בהסכמה תמימה ישרה...שלא יחושו כלל וכלל מלהושיב את הרב ר' מנחם דוד ב"מ יהושע על כסא ההוראה...'. Rabbi Yitzchak Eizik HeLevi Epstein was av"d in Homel, author of Chanah Ariel and the HaShiflus V'HaSimcha essay. He was a disciple of Admor Rabbi Shneuer Zalman, the Baal HaTanya. He was considered a holy person and after his death thousands streamed to pour out their hearts at his grave. His grave was considered a place of prayer until the Holocaust. There is almost no remnant of his Torah today.Refer to a biography of this great sage: A.Y. Gur-Aryeh, Toldot Yitzchak Eizik HaLevi Epstein, [1987]. Exceptionally important.
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