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Kiyochika Kobayashi (1847 - 1915)

Lot 107: Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915)


September 22, 2005
New York, NY, US

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Ten triptychs, most signed and sealed Kiyochika; Kaigun chusa Hirose Takeo kun (Naval Commander Hirose Takeo), 1898.4, published by Matsuki Heikichi; Ryojun dai kaisan (Great naval battle at Port Arthur), 1904; Picture of a visit by the Empress to a field hospital (title trimmed), [1895]; Torpedo approaching a battleship, 1904, published by Matsuki Heikichi; Wagagun Eijowan o senryo shi joriku suru no zu (Our troops in battle at the Bay of Rongcheng); Taiwan nanshingun tainan kogeki no zu (Our troops proceed south to attack a fort in Taiwan); Japanese troops warding off Taiwanese bandits), 1895; Kaiyojima oki Saikyomaru funsen no zu (The Battleship Saikyomaru at Kaiyojima shore), 1894; Kokai no tatakai waga Matsushima no suihei shi ni nozonde tekikan no sonpi o tou (At the Battle of the Yellow Sea, our sailors of the ship Matsushima, facing death, asking if the attack was a success), 1894.9; Ryojunko kogai suikaitei shugeki no zu (Naval battle with torpedo outside Port Arthur harbor)--generally good impressions and color, soiled, stained, creased, several trimmed or foxed
oban tate-e (30)

Artist or Maker

Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915)

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Japanese and Korean Art

September 22, 2005, 12:00 AM EST

New York, NY, US