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Lot 34: Korean, Joseon Dynasty, Chocolate Brown Glazed Vase

Eternity Gallery

December 4, 2022
Tampa, FL, US

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Joseon Dynasty Antique, Korean Chocolate Brown Glazed Vase or Bottle.
From the local estate of a Chinese Collector (he paid $650 for it many years ago).
Thick Brown Stoneware or Pottery with Dark Chocolate Brown Glazes
With an old dealer price tags that reads:
***(I do not know if it is as old as stated on the tag or if it is from Korea).***
Age unknown but it appears to be Antique.
Approximately 3.4" tall x 3.5" wide.
11.3 ounces.
Fair Condition:
With wear, the rim / neck is damaged & has been restored (see last 4 pictures).
Choson dynasty
Choson dynasty, also called Yi dynasty, the last and longest-lived imperial dynasty (13921910) of Korea. Founded by Gen. Yi SÅng-gye, who established the capital at Hanyang (present-day Seoul), the kingdom was named Choson for the state of the same name that had dominated the Korean peninsula in ancient times. The regime is also frequently referred to as the Yi dynasty, for its ruling family.
General Yi established close relationships with the neighbouring Ming dynasty (13681644) of China, which considered Korea a client state, and Chinese cultural influences were very strong during this period. Chosons administration was modeled after the Chinese bureaucracy, and Neo-Confucianism was adopted as the ideology of the state and society.
Under the previous dynasties, ownership of land was concentrated in the hands of a few high-ranking bureaucrats, but Yi Song-gye (who ruled as King Taejo) and his successors redistributed the land throughout the various levels of officialdom, creating a new aristocracy of scholar-officials called the yangban. Scholarship flourished under the Choson dynasty, and in 1443, during the reign of King Sejong, the Korean phonetic alphabet, Hangul ( hangÅ­l), was invented. By the time of the Choson ruler King Songjong (147094), a bureaucratic system ...
Low Estimate: 1500
High Estimate: 10000
Original: Yes

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