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Lot 11: Lady portrait

Est: €300 EUR - €500 EURPassed
Capitolium ArtJune 15, 2010Brescia , Italy

Item Overview


Lady portrait


cm 51 x 45

Artist or Maker

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Auction Details

Works from Calcaterra's Heritage (Modern and XXth Century)

Capitolium Art
June 15, 2010, 04:00 PM CET

Palazzo Cigola-Fenaroli-Valotti Via Carlo Cattaneo, 55, Brescia , 25131, IT


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The Auctioneer will be able to vary in the contest the order previewed from the Catalogue and will have faculty to re-unite and to divide the lotteries, will be able moreover, during the sale, to throw again the offer on mandate of who cannot participate to the auction, in case but, the price of award in knows it was equal to the price indicated in the mandate, the lottery will be adjudicated the present customer.

In case, for a reason whichever the purchaser was not in possibility to withdraw the acquired objects and pays to you within the term of article 6, it will be held to correspond to the House a fixed right of magazzinaggio in connection with the value of the same object.

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The present terms of sale come accepted automatically from how many concur to the purchases. For whichever controversy the competence of the Hole of Brescia is established.

Shipping Terms

Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense