Lily Kelly Napangardi (b. 1948)

Lot 42: LILY KELLY NAPANGARDI (CIRCA 1948 - ) - Sandhills, 2005 184 x 175 cm


November 22, 2006
Annandale, Australia

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Description: LILY KELLY NAPANGARDI (CIRCA 1948 - )
Sandhills, 2005
synthetic polymer paint on linen
184 x 175 cm

Provenance: Watiyawanu Artists: Cat. no. LK-10-05417 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art Private Collection, NSW Sold with original gallery documentation Lily Kelly Napangardi is a senior law woman of the Watiyawanu community, at Mount Liebig in the Northern Territory, 325 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs. She is the custodian of the Women's Dreaming story associated with Kunajarrayi, and her subjects include her country's sandhills, its winds and the desert environment after rain, especially the sandhills of the Kintore and Conniston areas. Her paintings often note the seasonal changes in this sandy landscape, and the crucial rockholes found in the area. In this mysterious and elemental landscape, the features, such as rock holes and mountain ranges, seem to appear and disappear with the changing winds and blowing sands. Water marks this land, as the run-off from the rains makes a pattern of lines and striations down the surface of the sandhills. The ephemeral nature of this drifting, changing country is her key subject, and the viewer, walking in front of her painting, can sense something of the immersive experience of her country.
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Fine Aboriginal Art

November 22, 2006, 6:30 PM EST

Annandale, Australia