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Lot 20: Lodewijk Karel Bruckman: (1913 - 1980) oil on linen

Est: $5,000 USD - $8,000 USDPassed
Outer Cape Art AuctionsJanuary 01, 2011Provincetown, MA, US

Item Overview


Artist: Bruckman, Lodewijk Karel (1913 - 1980) Title: The Apple of Eve Medium: oil on linen Size (H x W): 16 x 20 Signature: sll and verso Frame Size (H x W): 18 x 22 Frame Style: silver gilt Notes: dated 1962, titled verso Provenance: from the Ciro and Patti Cozzi Art Collection. Condition: very good but needs reframing About the Artist: (1913 - 1980) Studied at Royal Acad. Art, The Hague. Exhibited at Raymond Agler Fine Arts Gallery, Gloucester, Cooley Gallery, t., Scott & Fowles Gal, NYC (1948, Boston Arts Festival, (1953, 1957, both prize winners), Cape Cod Mus. Art, PAAM. Works at MoMA, PAAM, Cape Mus. Art, Dennis and elsewhere. Provincetown artist, opened up Royal Dutch Art Gallery, 1953 in Provincetown in summers. Winters spent in Florida, Cuba and Mexico. Listed under Provincetown Painters and Who was Who in American Art, 1975 edition.

Artist or Maker

Condition Report

very good but needs reframing

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Auction Details

New Years Day Auction of Fine Art from Provncetown and Beyond

Outer Cape Art Auctions
January 01, 2011, 04:00 PM EST

100 Alden St, Provincetown, MA, 02657, US


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Lot Condition

For all internet/phone and absentee bidders that are not able to view the lot(s) of interest in person, Outer Cape Auctions offers a 72 hour window upon receipt of the work to visually inspect it and accept the purchase. In the event that Outer Cape Auctions has misrepresented the lot you purchased (in regard to Artist, medium, condition of art) then Outer Cape Auctions is fully prepared to refund all monies to you.

There is a time limit on this guarantee offered by Outer Cape Auctions. Due to the fact that all sellers (consignors) are paid 15 calendar days of the auction, it is imperative that if there is going to be a refund, then it must be at least acknowledged and approved by Outer Cape Auctions within the 15 calendar days following the auction. Once the sellers have been paid, it is practically impossible to get those funds returned.

Also be aware that this guarantee of artist, medium, condition are subject to certain conditions:

If the signature by the artist is illegible then this releases Outer Cape Auctions from activating a refund situation.

If you are not pleased with how the art fits in your decor or you are not satisfied with the painting's color, framing or other such reasons, the Refund rule does not apply.

Framing is not included in the condition reports of each lot. Outer Cape Auctions sells art, not frames. In the event the frame included in the lot(s) you purchase are damaged or not to your liking, Outer Cape Auctions will not refund monies under those conditions.

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In the auction world, it is said in most terms "Buyer Beware, As Is, Where Is" meaning it is up to you, the bidder to inspect each lot you wish to bid on. Since that may be completely impossible for you to attend Provincetown prior to or on the day of the auction, Outer Cape Auctions offers this 72- hour return policy. It is the goal of Outer Cape Auctions to create clients for life, not one auction or another. In that, it is my job to gain your trust. Integrity is everything in the auction world and I truly value that more than most anything else.

This is why you will see multiple images of each lot and close up images of any conditional issues. If you wish to see additional images of any lot(s), then please contact me at your earliest convenience and it will be done for you. When processing the images of each lot, Adobe Photoshop is used and there is (and never will be) any sharpening, enhancing, brightening or other processes to make the image "stand out." The only steps taken on each process is the alignment of the image and cropping out all excess areas of each lot not needed. The end product is then saved and compressed for quick download on your computer. Lighting used in the process is natural light.

Thanks, Terry Catalano, Ma. Auctioneer #2539