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Michael Ome Untiedt (b. 1953)

Lot 45: Lone Star Moonlight, by Michael Ome Untiedt

Western Masters Art Show & Sale

August 13, 2016
Bozeman, MT, US

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I had a naive early upbringing with art.  I taught myself to paint and draw after graduating from college, living in an old pickup truck and traveling about.  I recall pulling into "Trade Days" down in the small towns of Texas, a place I hung out a lot, attempting to sell my sketches and paintings for $5-$10 each.  A Trade Day was sort of a countrified flea market, people selling everything from washing machines to goats and cattle…I didn't know any better.  My trusty Gibson J-50 kept me company, and I would pass time playing guitar, as there weren't a lot of washing machine-goat-cattle buyers wanting to stop and view let alone buy some long haired rounder's pictures.  During one of these trade days I met an aged fiddle player, he only had three fingers on his fingering hand, named Orville Bess.  Orville would break out his fiddle and we would play music together.  A lot more washing machine-goat-cattle buyers would stop and listen, though they still didn't do much art lookin'.  Orville was from the little town of Sunset, Texas, nothing more than a wide spot in the road.  I remember there was a business credited to the town, a guy named Jack made walking sticks out of bull penises, for which he was noted and held in great acclaim.  Several times I made sketches of a Texaco filling station in Sunset.  It is from those sketches and memories that I return again and again to the "Lone Star" image; the nimbleness of a crippled fiddle hand and the multiple complexities of livestock and their various body parts.  Those were the days of "Lone Star" when what filled my heart and soul took precedence over what was trendy and acceptable.  My prayers are that I never left that behind!


16" x 20"  

Artist or Maker

Michael Ome Untiedt


Oil on linen


Exhibiting in Bozeman Booth 7

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