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Maria van Oosterwyck (1627 - 1693)

Lot 143: Maria van Oosterwyck (Nootdorp, near Delft 1630-1693 Uitdam)


December 3, 2014
London, United Kingdom

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Maria van Oosterwyck (Nootdorp, near Delft 1630-1693 Uitdam) Roses, a parrot tulip, carnations, ears of wheat, hyacinths and other flowers with butterflies in a Chinese vase, with an orange on a marble ledge signed 'Maria V. O.' (upper right), and with signature 'Maria V. Oosterwijck' (lower centre, on the ledge) oil on canvas 22¼ x 19¾ in. (56.5 x 50.1 cm.)


56.5 x 50.1 cm.


Maria van Oosterwyck nurtured her talents in the studio of the celebrated painter Jan Davidsz. de Heem. She soon began to work independently and after a number of years moved to Amsterdam, establishing a studio opposite the contemporary still-life painter Willem van Aelst. Fully immersed in the creative circles of the much sought-after Dutch Golden Age painters, Oosterwyck astutely advertised her work abroad and was patronised by Louis XIV of France, the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I and William III of England. Despite her success, she was denied membership to the painters' guild, however, as one of very few women to be considered a professional artist in the seventeenth century, the context of Oosterwyck's work is highly important. This small canvas, in which the artist employs vivid colours against a dark background, is a fine example of Oosterwyck's still-life work. The artist's deep religious conviction should not be overlooked in any of her compositions, with her careful selection of colours rich in symbolic meaning; white denoting innocence, red martyrdom, and the frequent depiction of butterflies representing the resurrection of Christ.

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