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Marthe Rakine (b. 1926)

Lot 40: MARTHE RAKINE, JADE PLANTS, oil on masonite, 18 ins x 15 ins; 45.7 cms x 38.1 cms


March 5, 2015
Toronto, ON, CA

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MARTHE RAKINEJADE PLANTSoil on masonitesigned 18 ins x 15 ins; 45.7 cms x 38.1 cms Note:Marthe Rakine studied as a student at the Ontario College of Art. Her initial specialization, that of a ceramicist, is evident in the supple, rounded forms created by Rakine's brushstrokes in Jade Plants. In Rakine's works, it is not the subject that is most important, it is the quality of the rendering. As are the majority of her paintings, Jade Plants, is filled with light and colour. Rakine's personal life has been spotted with mystery and intrigue: Born in Russia, she eventually settled in Paris. During her time in Toronto, she participated in many group shows before achieving her first solo endeavour at Hart House (University of Toronto) in 1951. Since 1982, Rakine has had no known contact with the outside world.Estimate: $950-1,000


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