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Lot 67: Mato Celestin Medovic (1857-1920) Moonlight

Est: €12,000 EUR - €13,000 EURPassed
Art Salon ZagrebDecember 17, 2016Zagreb, Croatia, Republic of (Hrvatska)

Item Overview


Oil on woodpanel, 73x53cm



Artist or Maker



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Accepted forms of payment: MasterCard, Visa, Wire Transfer


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Auction Details

Christmas Auction 2

Art Salon Zagreb
December 17, 2016, 05:00 PM CET

Ilica 12, Zagreb, Croatia, 10000, HR


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Terms and Conditions of the Auction

Terms and Conditions of the Auction

The auction shall be held for the account of Seller. By submitting a bid or signing a written contract of

sales, by sending a bid via email or internet, or by participating in auctions, it is deemed that all users

or auction participants have received and acknowledged these terms and conditions. It shall be

understood that they accept these and assume responsibility to abide by them upon all their visits to

auctions, and these terms and conditions are also applicable to post-auction sales.

1. Auctions take place on a voluntary basis and pursuant to a Seller's bidding form.

2. Bidder bids on his/her personal behalf, unless prior to the auction he/she submitted in writing the

name and address of his/her principal on whose behalf he/she participates in the auction.

3. If the bidder is unknown to Auctioneer, he/she shall register by way of a written form 48 hours

prior to the beginning of the auction and shall provide a reference letter from the bank. Auctioneer

reserves the right to deny access to the auction, without providing a specific reason. All registered

bidders shall be assigned a bidding number after exhibiting a proof of identity in the form of an

identification card with photograph.

4. Auction items may be seen prior to the auction and - at own risk of potential Buyers - examined.

Items are usually used and sold in a condition they were in at the time of acceptance of the final bid.

Item descriptions in the catalogue are provided to the best of knowledge and present no guarantee

in the legal sense. This is especially so for the information on the origin, condition, and authenticity,

which are held more as opinions, rather than facts. Any guarantee is excluded. Auctioneer shall notify

Seller in due time of all reported and evidence-supported complaints.

5. Any liability of Auctioneer is excluded on any grounds due to material and/or legal defects of the

item of auction, or due to deviations from the information referred to in the catalogue or from the

information received in another way, unless Auctioneer acted purposefully or with gross negligence.

6. Auctioneer is entitled to combine or separate, offer out of their regular order or withdraw

catalogue numbers.

7. The final bid of the bidder offering the highest price shall be accepted after the third call.

Auctioneer is entitled to reject the bid. If a bid is rejected, the one prior to it shall be deemed


8. If several persons offer an identical bid, the decision shall be taken by a draw. Should there be

disagreements as to the final accepted bid, the auction for the item in question shall be repeated.

This also refers to the case if a bid submitted in due time is overseen mistakenly.

9. The acceptance of the final bid obliges the bidder to acknowledge and settle to Auctioneer the

final purchase price for Buyer. Following the acceptance of the final bid, possession and risk are

directly transferred to Buyer and Auctioneer is only held accountable for the damage caused by

recklessness or gross negligence; ownership is transferred to Buyer only after he/she has settled the

final purchase price.

10. The final purchase price for Buyer consists of the amount of the achieved price (the final

accepted bid) increased by the auction fee charged by Auctioneer, in the amount of 25%. The auction

fee is inclusive of the calculated and legally prescribed tax (on commission only).

11. The final purchase price is settled immediately upon the acceptance of the final bid, in cash or by

wire transfer. The items purchased shall be taken over immediately or on the first working day

following the auction. Unless otherwise agreed, the item shall be delivered to Buyer only after the

entire amount of the Buyer's final purchase price has been received.

12. If Buyer cancels the takeover or payment or is late with the payment of the final purchase price,

the interest shall begin to accrue on the day of the takeover or payment cancellation or delay in

payment. An interest of 1% monthly on the final purchase price shall be agreed upon.

13. Should Buyer delay payment, Auctioneer may set for Buyer a suitable additional deadline for

fulfilling the obligation, after the expiry of which and as per own discretionary choice Auctioneer is

entitled to either cancel the agreement or keep it in force and require the fulfilment of the

obligation. In any case, Auctioneer reserves the right to claim the final purchase price and

indemnification for late payment or failure to fulfil the contractual obligations. This is inclusive of the

possible costs stemming from the exchange rate fluctuations, the interest rate referred to under

point 10, and the costs stemming from the legal proceedings instituted to claim indemnification.

14. Should Auctioneer claim damages for the failed fulfilment of obligations, he/she shall lose the

right to demand the fulfilment of the obligation. After Buyer has received the request for

indemnification, all his/her rights as the bidder whose bid has been accepted shall cease to be valid.

15. Any storage is at the expense and risk of Buyer.

16. All costs and risks of the shipping of the item shall be borne with no exception by Buyer. He/she

shall select the shipper on his/her own. Buyer may request Auctioneer to send a shipping quote,

along with the desired conditions of shipping. The request for the shipping of the item shall be sent

to the shipper in writing. The goods shall be insured only upon an explicit request of Buyer.

17. The bids (bidding forms) of external potential Buyers may be considered if issued in writing, if

they contain detailed data, and if Auctioneer has received these no later than one day prior to the

beginning of the auction. The prices stated in these bids are deemed limits for the final bid

acceptable and Auctioneer's fee shall be calculated additionally in line with item 8 of these Terms

and Conditions. The bids by unknown Buyers may be enforced only if sufficient coverage can be

substantiated. Auctioneer who performs auctions for a Seller who wishes to remain anonymous

holds no obligation in respect of a third person, nor in respect of Buyer, to disclose Seller's identity

until approved by both Buyer and Seller.

18. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to post-auction sales, which are deemed part of the

auction. Legal provisions on distance selling are not applicable.

19. The original text of General Terms and Conditions of the Auction has been stipulated in the

Croatian language and translated into other languages. In case of a discrepancy between the original

text in the Croatian language and a translation in another language, the applicable version is the

Croatian text. All amendments shall be done in writing to be with full force and effect. All later oral

agreements are principally invalid. The place of execution is Zagreb and the competent forum is the

Commercial Court in Zagreb. The applicable law is Croatian law. Should a provision for any reason

become null and void, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

Shipping Terms

All shipping costs are the purchasers responsibility. Please feel free to contact us for help with your shipping.