Melchior Bolstra (1704 - 1779)

Lot 2203: Melchior Bolstra (1704-1779) 't Hooge Heemraedschap van Rhynland

Vendu Notarishuis

November 3, 2016
Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Description: Melchior Bolstra (1704-1779) 't Hooge Heemraedschap van Rhynland. Amsterdam, Isaak Tirion, 1746. Third state (extensively corrected and updated by Melchior Bolstra) of a finely engraved wall map of the Rijnland water district in Holland, including the cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and (on the district border) The Hague. At a scale of about 1:28.000 it shows the entire district and some surrounding land in great detail, with the fortifications and (outside the cities) the individual houses, windmills, churches and other buildings, besides the roads, paths, waterways, and the individual parcels of land in the polders. 12 parts mounted on cloth and framed. Donkersloot-De Vrij 715. 190 x 175 cm.
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