Navin Rawanchaikul (b. 1971)



November 30, 2009
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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(B. 1971)
Navins of Bollywood-II
signed, titled and dated 'Rawanchaikul 2007 NAVINS OF BOLLYWOOD' (on the reverse)
acrylic on canvas; accompanied by DVD film 'Navins of Bollywood'
Exhibited: Mumbai, India, Sakshi Art Gallery, Navinland Cinema by Navin Rawanchaikul, March-April 2008.
Notes: Navin Rawanchaikul displays a strong interest in issues regarding transitory identity, migration, diaspora, and loss resulting from his background as a Thai-born, ethnic Indian artist currently living in Japan. Epic in scale and extravagant in colour, Rawanchaikul's paintings allude to Bollywood style cinema billboards which combine elements of popular culture, depicting actual and fictional characters whilst referring to historical episodes that critique contemporary society.

The accompanying film was realised in collaboration with Naren Mojidra, an emerging Mumbai-based director. It combines the painting of a movie billboard by a group of Mumbai's last movie billboard painters with the story of a lonely artist's quest for connection and community in an increasingly fragmented world. Examining the foundation of the 'Navin Party', this painting along with the video is a humorous and self-referential play of words on the artist's name, and quest to establish his identity by seeking out namesakes throughout the world.

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November 30, 2009, 4:30 PM CCT

Hong Kong, Hong Kong