Swann Auction Galleries

May 10, 2004
New York, NY, US

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Description: 29 3/4x35 1/4 inches. Kleinson, Krefeld.
Condition B+: restored losses in margins; expertly repaired tears in margins and image.
For this festival for artists from along the lower Rhine, Thorn Prikker uses the same construction he did for his Hollandische Kunstausstellung: A frieze of decorative motifs at the top and bottom with a central horizontal stripe in the middle for the text. The motif itself is an intriguing, repeating pattern of what mysteriously could be eyes, bird heads, fish or even tulips. The striking image is composed of only two colors and the color of the paper itself, and would have been printed in fewer numbers than the previous poster, as the event only lasted for three days.
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