Ludwig (1866) Koch (1866 - 1934)

Lot 15: Oil painting "Emperor at Schloss Neugebäude", by L. Koch, 1930

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December 7, 2012
Berlin, Germany

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Description: Oil on panel
Austria, 1930
Ludwig Koch (1866-1934) - Austrian painter
Paintings by Koch fetch up to 18,000 Euros at international auctions
Signed and dated lower right "LUDWIG KOCH 1930"
Framed in elaborately carved frame
Overall dimensions, framed: 57 x 46 cm

This is one of the typical paintings by the Viennese painter Ludwig Koch, known to many as the „horse painter". The human subject of this painting, the Austrian emperor Charles VI, is merely an 'excuse' for the painter to show the emperor's powerful and gorgeous black horse in full gallop. The artist manages to show the horse's flexing muscles underneath the shining black coat, thanks to the skillful application of several colour gradations. In the same vein, the brown and the white horse a bit further back are far more detailed than their riders. The emperor is dressed in full state, with long, black riding boots, an elegant uniform, grey wig and a large hat. The imperial coach is waiting at the left side of the painting, together with footmen, dressed in white and golden uniforms. The silhouette of the Castle Neugebäude can be recognized in the background. The painting has been done in an impasto and dynamic way, mirroring this ruler's personality and the importance of the scene.

The painting is in still appealing condition, yet with several paint flakes. The frame shows traces of age and wear. It retains a strong texture rendered through the application of thick impasto. The painting is signed and dated in the lower right "LUDWIG KOCH 1930". Its overall dimensions, framed, measure 57 x 46 cm, the dimensions of the wooden panel measure 51 x 41 cm. An old postcard showing a comparable subject by Ludwig Koch comes together with the painting.

Ludwig Koch (1866-1934)
Ludwig Koch, born 1866 in Vienna, was mainly known for his horse paintings and historical scenes. He studied at the academy in Vienna and was a pupil of Siegmund L'Allemand and August Eisenmenger. He was a regular visitor to the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and studied many of the scholarly lections and jumps. A fine collection of his work can be seen at the Historical War Museum in Vienna.
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