James Michalopoulos (b. 1951)

Lot 7: Oil painting "House in New Orleans", by James Michalopoulos

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December 7, 2012
Berlin, Germany

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Description: Oil on canvas
USA, 1993
James Mitchell Michalopoulos (b. 1951) - American painter and publicist
Paintings by James Michalopoulos fetch up to 7,000 Euros at international auctions
Signed lower left, "Mitchell"
Perspectively alienated houses on the streets of New Orleans are the artist's typical subjects
Overall dimensions, framed: 58 x 74 cm
Very good condition

This very beautiful, colourful oil painting by James Mitchell Michalopoulos depicts a house in New Orleans, well-known for its cosmopolitan and multi-lingual population and cross-cultural heritage. The blue house reminds less of the classic architecture of the American colonial era than a loosely curved Chinese pagoda. This play with forms is what makes the paintings of this American artist so appealing. He combines an alienated perspective with very pastose colours, even partly applied with a painting knife, thereby intensifying the optical effect of the painting. In doing so, he reverts to the law of aesthetic, primarily used in the 18th century, which states that form and content should constitute an entity. Through his artistic and daring use of colour and flow, Michalopoulos succeeds in virtually causing the house to wobble, skillfully manipulating the rules of perspective.The oil painting is in very good condition. The narrow wooden frame displays only minor traces of wear. The stretcher frame is stamped on the reverse and inscribed, "Crispin's". On the front side, the artist's signature, "Mitchell", is found lower right; the reverse is also signed and dated, "Mitchell Michalopoulos 1993". The overall dimensions, framed, are 58 x 74 cm; the dimensions of the canvas are 55.5 x 71 cm.James Michalopoulos (b. 1951)
James Michalopoulos was born 1951 in the United States and initially studied at the University of New Orleans, later at the Academy of Fine Arts there, finally graduating from the Bowdoin College. Only in the mid-1990s did the artist start to sign his works with his name Michalopoulos; before then he noted his americanised surname Mitchell on the painting surface. Besides his work as a painter he is well-known for designing posters for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. His pastose, expressionist oil paintings of houses or entire rows of houses, whose perspective and architectural composition he manipulates by skillfully morphing them, in his hometown of New Orleans are characteristic of the artist. Michalopoulos alternates between living in New Orleans, New England, Los Angeles and France. He exhibits his work internationally.
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