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Otto Morach (1887 - 1973)

Lot 75: OTTO MORACH (1887-1973)Teppichhaus Hettinger.

Poster Auctions International Inc

November 11, 2007
New York, NY, US

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OTTO MORACH (1887-1973)
Teppichhaus Hettinger.
When it comes to promoting a carpet dealer, an artist really can't go wrong by calling a turbaned merchant into play. A great number of artists have employed this approach (take a look at PAI-XVIII, 462-476, if you want more proof) and Morach sticks with this tried-and-true approach for the Hettinger firm. His intense dealer stares directly in the viewer's direction, while his cloak and backdrop of a carpet provide nearly-hypnotic patterned coverage throughout. Morach was involved with cubism, dada and the Bauhaus movement, eventually arriving at an abstract style. He worked on murals, mosaics, carpet fabric design, glass painting and also taught applied painting from 1918 to 1953.
Wolfsburg, Zurich


35 1/4 x 50 in./89.5 x 127 cm

Artist or Maker

OTTO MORACH (1887-1973)

Condition Report

Cond B+/Horizontal tear extending from the left edge into the 'H' of 'Hettinger.'


Wolfsburg, ZŸrich


Wolfsburg, Zurich

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