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Lot 226: Paco Young (1958-2005), acrylic on board.

Est: $1,000 USD - $1,500 USDSold:
Guyette & DeeterFebruary 10, 2024St Michaels, MD, US

Item Overview


Titled "Goose Hunting". Depicts two goose hunters taking aim. Signed lower right, and dated 1997 on the back. Image measures 5.5" x 8.5".

Artist or Maker

Condition Report

Excellent and original.

Payment & Shipping


Accepted forms of payment: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Money Order / Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Visa


After payment is received we automatically send purchases via United Parcel Service COD with a signature required, unless otherwise specified. There is a charge for the shipping costs, insurance, as well as a UPS COD and Signature Required fee. We can not ship via UPS or FedEx to a PO box, so please be sure to include your street address. If you wish to have the purchases shipped by any other method, you must contact our office to make those arrangements. Shipping is done on a first come, first served basis, and can take up to four weeks. *Note* Items won through Invaluable will not be available for pick up at the auction facility on the day of the sale.

Auction Details

February 10 Fine Sporting Arms Auction

Guyette & Deeter
February 10, 2024, 10:00 AM EST

213 N Talbot St, St Michaels, MD, 21663, US


Buyer's Premium


Bidding Increments


Terms and Conditions

1. GUYETTE AND DEETER WOULD LIKE TO MAKE YOUR BIDDING EXPERIENCE AND PARTICIPATION IN OUR AUCTIONS AS PLEASANT AS POSSIBLE Whether you are bidding live, absentee, or by phone, we ask that before you bid in any manner that you satisfy any and all of your questions, so that you will feel confident in placing bids with us and have all of the information you need. All of the items we offer have been pre-owned, handled, and used. As such, we strongly suggest you call or email us with any inquiries. Contact us 48 hours prior to the Auction to get any questions and/or condition reports on the items that interest you. We will work to answer all questions and additional photo requests but do not guarantee we will be able to do so. Additional content provided in any conversation, written or otherwise, will not be part of the guaranteed condition reports unless expressly stated by the auctioneer from the podium prior to the auction.
2. THE AUCTIONEER IS THE SOLE DETERMINANT AS TO WHO IS THE SUCCESSFUL BIDDER At the Auctioneer's discretion, an item may be reoffered for sale if a dispute arises. Auctioneer's sale recording shall be conclusive as to who was the successful purchaser and the purchase price. If there is no apparent interest in an item (at half of the catalog low estimate) or an appreciable opening bid, (when no catalog estimate is printed), the item will be passed from the block by the Auctioneer and will not be re-offered again for sale during this auction. The lot may be available at a later date, after the auction has concluded.
3. SALES TAX Must be charged to all successful bidders in compliance with all local, State, and Federal laws.
* Maryland residents who do not present a valid ANNUAL RESALE CERTIFICATE at the time of registration will have to pay the current Maryland State sales tax. (6%). NO EXCEPTIONS.
* Under Maryland law, items to be shipped within Maryland will have the tax applied.
* If you reside in the state of Maryland, but maintain an out of state tax number, you must pay sales tax. This is Maryland law.
* Out of State residents. If you are not a Maryland resident, items shipped to some out of state residents may be charged sales tax by your receiving dealer. If your state requires our company to collect the recipient's state sales tax, we may do so. If we ship your item out of state and are not required to collect the state sales tax, we will not.
4. BUYERS PREMIUM The buyer's premium, assessed on each selling lot, is 20% of the hammer price up to and including $1,000,000, plus 15% on any amount in excess of $1,000,000. This amount will be added to the hammer price and collected by the auctioneer.
A. For payments made using a credit card, the buyer's premium is 23% up to and including $1,000,000, plus 18% on any amount in excess of $1,000,000. This amount will be added to the hammer price and collected by the auctioneer.
5. GUARANTEE AND DESCRIPTIONS We have made a painstaking effort to honestly and accurately catalog and describe the property to be sold. All items in this catalog have guaranteed condition reports. Should the need arise, the auctioneer reserves the right to make verbal corrections and provide additional information from the block at the time of the sale and this additional information will be part of the guarantee. The printed catalog descriptions carry a limited guarantee to protect you against major discrepancies that would have a major effect upon the value of the item. Under no circumstances do we guarantee against anything less than a major discrepancy that would have less than a major effect upon value. Absentee bids may or may not be executed on items that are found to be other than described in the catalog at the auctioneer's discretion. Since opinions can differ, particularly in the matter of condition, the auctioneer will be sole judge in the matter of refunds. If we fail to identify a major flaw that has a major impact on the value, the auctioneer will absolutely consider a full refund. This guarantee is limited to what you paid for the item from us and not what you expect to get if you had sold it.
Note: It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser to satisfy themselves on the age, authenticity, condition, description, and value of each lot before bidding. This includes all bidders whether they attend the auction in person, bid via absentee, bid via agent, phone, or internet bidding.
6. DURATION OF GUARANTEE If you bid absentee, by phone, on the internet, or in person and have your item shipped, it is your responsibility to examine the lot immediately upon receipt and notify us of any serious issues. The Auctioneer must be notified of any issues within 2 days of receipt of your items. The guarantee will end 5 days from the date of delivery. Deliver is defined as delivered to your FFL for modern firearms, delivery to your home/business or requested address for antiques and other items in this auction. Therefore, all guarantees on items purchased will become null and void 10 calendar days from the date of shipment. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT IF YOU DO NOT PAY YOUR INVOICE WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE AUCTION, YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE GUARANTEE. Payment must be postmarked no later than 30 days after the auction.
7. FOR IN PERSON LIVE AUCTION ATTENDEE BIDDERS It is expected that you have examined the items before you purchased them and that as you pick them up, you will re-examine them one last time. If there is a problem regarding condition, it is expected that you would notify us immediately before leaving the auction facility. Also, please check to make sure all components to your lots are there. All possibility of a refund is null and void once you have left our facility with the item(s).
8. ONLINE BIDDING PLATFORM S We incorporate several internet bidding services that are provided by separate companies that host our auctions live from their web platforms. They charge our auction company a substantial fee to upload the auction materials to their platforms. [email protected]. has a 1% charge, other firms generally charge 3% - 5% to the buyer who utilizes their services. This amount is added on to your Buyers Premium on your invoice if you utilize any of the online bidding platforms that carry this auction.
9. RESERVES Occasionally an item may carry a conservative reserve above one half of the low estimate value. In this instance, the auctioneer retains the right to bid on behalf of the owner up to the reserve price. We will tell you if an item carries a reserve should you inquire. As a general business practice, reserves are usually a fraction of the low estimate and we do not allow reserves above the low estimate.
Consignors Identification is considered confidential unless otherwise stated in the catalog. We will not give out this information unless we have prior approval from the consignor to do so or if the auctioneer deems sharing that information necessary.
10. PAYMENT: All items must be paid for in United States Currency. We accept Cash, pre-approved checks (business or personal), bank checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & bank wire transfers. All items must be paid for in full before being removed from our facility. All fees associated with the cost of a wire transfer or bank check are those of the purchaser. Buyers must have valid driver's license when paying by charge cards & checks. Checks are to be pre-approved by auctioneer prior to the auction. We require preapproval at least 2 business days before the start of our auction and will NOT be able to consider approval of checks the day of the auction. A letter of reference from your bank is strongly recommended to those who have never done business with us before. The auctioneer reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by checks that have not been pre-approved until we can see that the check has cleared the bank which is typically 3 business days but could take up to 10 business days. We will hold merchandise purchased by all first-time buyers until the first-time buyer's check has cleared the bank. (This enables the check to clear the bank and if it does not, then it gives the bank the time to notify us via U.S. mail which can take up to 10 days).
* There will be a $100 fee charged for all returned checks.
* Third party checks are not accepted under any circumstances! NO EXCEPTIONS.
Note: Our goal is to provide best in class service with prompt and careful shipping of your goods. A delay in a buyer's payment to us, means delay in the shipment of your goods to you. Unfortunately, a delay in shipment to you could mean you lose all possibility of a return and guarantee privilege, so we kindly ask you to please make a prompt payment. The speediest forms of payments are credit cards or bank checks. Personal or Business checks from first time buyers will hold the shipment up for 10 business days until checks have cleared our bank. This bank-imposed hold could jeopardize the warranties of the descriptions if the shipment occurs outside of our guarantee period or for other reasons.
FIREARMS AGENT: You must have an agents letter registered with us before bidding on behalf of someone else on a Modern or Curio firearm. If you are representing some other FFL as an agent you must have the following to qualify:
1) You must have a letter from the FFL Holder you are representing.
2) Your agent letter must be on the company's letterhead.
3) Must be typed.
4) Must be signed by the responsible person on the FFL.
5) Must be accompanied by a copy of the FFL.
6) Must state that you are an employee for the FFL Holder.
7) Must be dated.
Please Note: If you do not have a "completed" letter with ALL of the above requirements you will not be able to represent another FFL Holder in this capacity- NO EXCEPTIONS!
NON-FIREARMS AGENT: If you are registering or executing a bid for someone else, please bear in mind that you are responsible for the settlement of that account with us regardless of whether the person you're executing or registering for pays you or not. As stated previously, we do not accept third party checks.
12. TITLE: The process of passing the title begins upon the fall of the auctioneer's hammer or when announced as "sold" by the auctioneer. The title will pass once the auctioneer has received the full purchase price and any applicable expenses in clear funds.
* It is then the responsibility of the buyer to make full payment prior to removing the items from the premises.
* It is both the buyer's risk and expense for removal and must be made at the conclusion of the sale unless other arrangements are made with Guyette and Deeter, Inc. All items to be packaged by the purchaser, unless the items are to be shipped by Guyette and Deeter, Inc. or a third party. Guyette and Deeter, Inc. will provide shipping as outlined in our terms and conditions below.
* If an item(s) cannot be removed on the sale date, storage may be arranged for an agreed amount of time. A fee of $100 per month - per item will be charged for any item(s) being left in our facility longer than 30 days from auction date. ALL ITEM(S) left will be at the purchaser's risk and will under no circumstances be covered by Guyette and Deeter's insurance., Guyette and Deeter Inc. is not liable for any damage or loss occurring during storage on behalf of the purchaser. Items will not be released to the purchaser until all storage fees and any other balance due to Guyette and Deeter. is paid in full. Fees continue until the balance has been paid in full.
A. THE BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE TO HAVE FULL KNOWLEDGE AS TO WHETHER THE ITEM THEY ARE BIDDING ON IS LEGAL FOR THEM TO POSSESS OR IMPORT INTO THEIR RESIDENT STATE OR COUNTRY: If a buyer purchases an item that is either illegal to possess in their resident state or will not be cleared through customs, the buyer is responsible for the purchase and will not be issued a refund. The item determined illegal in their resident state or country will be offered in the next auction and a seller's commission and restocking fee will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale of the item(s) resold on behalf of the purchaser.
NOTE: Guyette and Deeter Inc. will not change the name or amount on an invoice, or alter any paperwork in any manner for any item.
B. WITHDRAWALS: We reserve the right to withdraw any property before the sale and shall have no liability for such withdrawal. Withdrawal can be made at any time up until the gavel has fallen and the auctioneer has declared the item to be "SOLD".

13. ABSENTEE & PHONE BIDS: Absentee bidding is a free service we provide to our customers. Bidding on items shows that you agree with all terms & conditions of bidding.
* We accept Absentee & Phone bids with the condition that bids are communicated clearly and that a lot number & brief description of each lot is written out. PLEASE NOTE: IF A BIDDER MISIDENTIFIES A LOT NUMBER OR ITEM THAT THEY ARE INTERESTED IN BIDDING ON RESULTING IN THE PURCHASE OF THE LOT(S) IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER TO PAY FOR THE PURCHASE EVEN THOUGH S/HE MADE AN ERROR WHEN BIDDING ON THE LOT(S). Guyette and Deeter, Inc. is not responsible for these errors with absentee bids.
* Guyette and Deeter, Inc. shall not be held responsible in any form for any failure to properly execute an absentee or phone bid whether it be due to equipment failure, lack of description on bid form, clerical error, loss of connection or failure to hear or understand the bidder's directions, etc.
* Absentee and Phone bidders must review their bids for correctness prior to submitting their bid(s) and our phone clerks may ask to confirm them with you as well. We ask that you supply an email address when the bids are processed, and you will then be sent a copy of your entered phone and/or absentee bids. Please review this and determine if any corrections should be made. We ask that you notify us immediately with any corrections or changes you may have. Guyette and Deeter, Inc. will not be responsible in any form for errors in absentee bids and/or phone bids.
* If you do not receive confirmation by email/phone within 24 hours of submitting your bids please, contact our office. We ask that all phone and absentee bids be submitted at a minimum of 24 hours prior the auction, bids submitted less than 24 hours prior to the start of the auction may or may not receive an email/phone confirmation and we do not guarantee we can execute phone and absentee bids received less than 24 hours prior to the start of the auction. We want to be sure we have your bids and will do our best to make certain for accuracy in processing all bids. We ask that all bids be made 24 hours prior to the auction.
* Under certain circumstances we may make a verbal correction from the auction block at the time of sale. In this case absentee bids left on an item will be considered void unless we can confer with the bidder prior to the item being sold.
* All absentee and phone bids must be accompanied by a credit card in order to secure bids.
* Invoices will be emailed out within 72 business hours of the end of the final auction day
* Absentee bids must be in by the start of the auction. Please try to get them in at least by 5:00 PM EST the day prior to auction. If you wait and place your bids just moments prior to the start of the auction we cannot guarantee that your bids will get placed.
* We do accept +1 bids as well as +2, +3 bids.
* During our auction, our auctioneer accepts bids that end in 0 or 5 only. Bids that are placed in amounts other than those ending in "0" or "5" such as $704.00 or $700.04 will be lowered to the closest amount ending in 0 or 5. We will not raise a bid higher without prior permission from our bidder. Bid advances are taken at the sole discretion of the auctioneer. Miniscule advances generally will not be accepted by the auctioneer and will be turned down. Typical advances are 5% or more of the current bid level, though the auctioneer will be the sole determinate in accepting any advance at any amount.
* A staff member will competitively bid for the absentee bidder. We generally let the audience start the bidding unless there is more than one bid in the auctioneer's bid book. If there is more than one bid, then the bidding will be started above the under-bidder's bid. I.E.: We have an absentee bid for $2500 and another competing bid at $3500. The bidding will then start at $2750 and will then be bid competitively to the limit the absentee bidder set. For this reason, it is possible that an absentee bidder may get their item for much less than what they bid. In the case of two bids being the same amount the bidding will start at that amount and the winner shall be the person who submitted their bid to Guyette and Deeter, Inc. first. * Please note: Being the first ABSENTEE BIDDER does not guarantee that you will be the winning bidder if the floor, phone or internet bidding ties during the live auction. The auctioneer is the sole determinant as to who is the successful bidder. The date and time that you submit a bid only determines the winning bidder between two absentee bidders with the same amount.
* We do our best to execute all bids correctly however, errors can be made at times. In the event of an error or omission or failure to properly execute a bid, the auctioneer shall not be held liable in any form.
* All left bids are confidential between the bidder and Guyette and Deeter, Inc, and as such the names of the absentee bidders and the actual bid amounts will never be given shared.
* We cannot accept a bid that does not have a dollar amount associated with it. We suggest that you place a bid substantially higher than the estimate and what you would be comfortable paying for the item, without regard to the pre-auction estimate. We cannot accept a bid with instructions to "just buy the item" under any circumstances.
As a courtesy to our auction team, all requests for phone bidding should be made before 5:00 PM EST, prior to the day of the Auction to be sure we can accommodate you within the phone bidding schedule. Phone bids entered after this time can be difficult/impossible for our team to accommodate.
* All bidding by telephone is solely at the risk of the bidder. Guyette and Deeter, Inc. will be in no way responsible for any errors, omissions, missed calls, bids, etc. for any phone bids.
* We reserve the right to reject phone bids on any items for any reason.
* To be a Phone Bidder you must be willing to start an item for 1/2 of the low pre-auction estimate.
* Please note: The employee calling you may be calling from a personal cell phone which does not belong to Guyette and Deeter, Inc. Please do not attempt to contact the telephone line that has contacted you for phone bidding services, the person will likely not answer. If you have any questions during and after the auction, please contact our offices at (410) 745-0485 to reach a staff member. Typically, our phone bidding clerks will try to call you 3-5 lots before the lot(s) you are interested in. If you are a phone bidder on multiple items throughout the auction, there is a high likelihood you will be phone bidding with a number of different staff members throughout the auction.
* During the auction there is a vast amount of information changing hands at a fast pace and the staff member that will be on the phone with you during the auction will be very busy concentrating on the current lot being offered. Our goal is to get your bids executed accurately and expeditiously so as not to miss any item that you are interested in. EMPLOYEES ARE DISCOURAGED FROM DISCUSSIONS DURING THIS TIME SO THAT THEY DO NOT MISS THE ITEM YOU ARE INTERESTED IN. Our employees will be polite and talk to you, but please keep in mind that this could cause them to lose track of your item and consequently miss your bid. We do not want that to happen, so we have asked our employees to keep all conversations courteous, professional, and brief.
* If you would like to add another lot to your bidding, we will TRY to accommodate you but regrettably may not be able to because of other bids that are already arranged in our system and because of time constraints that the bidding clerk may have.
* Emergency Bids: To help ensure that you don't miss out on an object, some people like to place a cover me bid at the time they make phone bid arrangements. No system is perfect and sometimes it is impossible, for any number of reasons to get through to the client on the telephone. An Emergency Bid is a bid left only with your phone agent. If he/she cannot get through to you on the phone, they will bid up to that amount on your behalf. The only way they execute this Emergency Bid is if they cannot get through to you on the phone. If the phone bidding clerk reaches you by phone, the cover me bid is discarded and you will be bidding live.
14. NOTIFICATION OF SUCCESS: Successful bidders are contacted after the auction ends. To expedite the process, we ask that you fill out and send in the "Payment & Shipping" Forms as well as the copy of the FFL or C&R that you intend to use along with your bid sheets. If you are paying by Credit Card for your purchase, please make sure you check the appropriate box for this or remark somewhere on your bid sheet that we are to charge your card for purchases as well as expenses associated with your shipments. If you have done this and included all your paperwork for your items, then your invoice will be expedited to our shipping team and be at the front of the line. We may also attempt to contact bidders via fax, U.S. Mail, email, or other methods.
15. INTEREST & DEFAULT: Payment is expected immediately following the sale. Any items not paid for within 30 business days of the auction, Guyette and Deeter, Inc. retains the right and will charge the buyers credit card for the total amount due. Interest will be charged on all balances not paid at the rate of 1 1/2% monthly (18% APR) effective 30 days from the date of purchase/auction. Should the buyer not comply with any of the Terms & Conditions of Sale, the damage recoverable from the defaulter shall include any loss arising on the resale of the lot, together with the charges and expenses in respect of both sales as well as any legal or collection fees incurred. Guyette and Deeter, Inc. shall hold any money deposited in partial payment on account of any liability of the defaulted item.
16. SHIPPING: Guyette and Deeter, Inc. makes every attempt to ship your goods in a timely fashion. Because of the high volume of items being shipped and delays that shipping carriers deal with during various times throughout the year, please allow 2-3 weeks for your items to be delivered after all paperwork and full payment is received and applied. The following is our shipping policy and shipping/handling/box and insurance charges.
Hard Cases: Upon special request, we may be able to obtain hard cases to ship your guns to you in. The cost of the case will be added to your shipping charges. Hard cases may or may not be available at the time of shipment.
Handling charges Each item purchased in our auction will be accessed a handling charge prior to shipping. Our shipping department charges an hourly rate as well as costs for material to safely package your item.
Insurance Charges: A rate of 1% of the invoice price will be charged. This covers the Hammer & Buyers Premium only. This does not include shipping, nor does it include what you expected to get for the item if resold.
All firearms including antiques are shipped with an adult signature required, no exceptions. Multiple winning bids will be combined to save buyer money wherever possible.
We reserve the right to not ship an item if we feel that it is too fragile or bulky to be done safely. (i.e. decoys, art, delicate and/or oversized items, etc.)
We are happy to assist you in your shipping needs. Please understand that we will try to expedite your shipment when requested, but we make no guarantee that it can be completed in such a time frame as you may request or in the manner that you may request.
Note: We will not declare an item as something other than what it is. We will not change the title on the invoice, or declare an item to be of lesser value than what was paid for it. NO EXCEPTIONS.
****PLEASE NOTE - If you purchase a modern firearm in our auction, Guyette and Deeter, Inc. will only offer in person 4473 transfers from our office after account settlement to Maryland Residents ONLY. If you are NOT a Maryland Resident and do not have a Federal Firearms License, we will ship the item to a licensee in your resident state. IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER TO PROVIDE A CURRENT VALID COPY OF THE FFL THEY WISH TO HAVE THEIR ITEMS SHIPPED TO.

16. ANY LEGAL DISPUTES: Any legal disputes arising from this auction shall be settled in the court system in the State of Maine. The Maine Uniform Commercial Code, Title 11, Section 2 - 328 applies to this auction sale.
17. All listings in this Auction are subject to errors and omissions


You will be notified of your successful bids with a bill, the day after the auction has ended. PAYMENT IS DUE UPON RECEIPT. A late charge will be assessed on all balances not paid, at the rate of 12% APR commencing thirty days after the bill is sent. If any accounts become more than 60 days overdue, the consignor will be given the name of the buyer who is responsible for holding up their funds.

Shipping Terms

After payment is received we automatically send purchases via United Parcel Service COD with a signature required, unless otherwise specified. There is a charge for the shipping costs, insurance, as well as a UPS COD and Signature Required fee. We can not ship via UPS or FedEx to a PO box, so please be sure to include your street address. If you wish to have the purchases shipped by any other method, you must contact our office to make those arrangements. Shipping is done on a first come, first served basis, and can take up to four weeks. *Note* Items won through Invaluable will not be available for pick up at the auction facility on the day of the sale.

Buyer's Premium

The buyer's premium, assessed on each selling lot, is 20% of the hammer price, plus a 5% Invaluable fee. For payments made using a credit card, the buyer's premium is 23%, plus the 5% Invaluable fee.


There is 6% sales tax in Maryland.

Condition Statement

We have attempted to make a consistent effort in cataloging and correctly describing the property being auctioned. The catalog descriptions are guaranteed for authenticity and condition. Should the need arise, the auctioneer reserves the right to make verbal corrections and provide additional information from the block, at the time of the sale.