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PAOLO SALVATI (Roma 1939 - 2014) Albero blu, 2010 Serigrafia a colori, ex. 30/100 Misure del foglio, cm. 35 x 50 Firma e data in basso a sinistra Firma, data e titolo al retro Cornice in legno argentato dell'Artista, firmata al retro Autentica Eredi Salvati, n. 01219/00024, in data 10 novembre 2017 Immerso in un paesaggio glaciale dalle tonalità fredde l’albero si contorce sofferente, memore delle intemperie e delle traversie che ha sopportato; non è altro che metafora della solitaria esistenza umana che anche nei momenti più bui e duri è sorretta e consolata dalla speranza, rappresentata dai piccoli caldi inserti cromatici che affiorano di tanto in tanto d’intorno. Il soggetto, più volte ripreso dall’artista, dell’albero, di colore blu, secco, spoglio e isolato nel paesaggio è un tema appartenente al periodo più significativo della pittura di Paolo Salvati; questa tela sintetizza bene la ricerca artistica del pittore sempre rivolta a cogliere la poesia nella natura. Il dipinto, pervaso da un malinconico lirismo, si inserisce in una forma di espressionismo particolare in cui il segno è mitigato dal colore, quasi nel tentativo di volerli conciliare col fine di pervenire a un equilibrio tra i due elementi; l’irraggiungibile sintesi conferisce all’opera una affascinante tensione. (Cesare Sarzini)



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5. In the event of a dispute during the auction, the Auctioneer has the authority to resume bidding from the previous offer.
6. The purchaser has to pay a commission of 24% of the price of a sale (hammer price), excluding the value of the IVA (VAT) (art. 45 law 21 nov.
2000 n° 342).
7. Objects have to be paid for within 20 days following the sale. In the case of non-payment, the bidder will have to pay an additional storage
fee to the House of Auctions, as well as the commission on the sale price, which the House of Auctions has to pay to the owner. The additional
charges do not negate the 24% charge on the sale price (see number 6).
8. The transport of purchased lots is at the expense of the purchaser. If the buyer fails to make the withdrawal of the lots purchased and paid
(Article 6), these will be subject to storage charges, from 20th day following the purchase, of 10,00 euros per week for every lot (painting,
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9. The auction catalogue is compiled with maximum care and professionalism, in compliance with the diligence standards and care requirements
of the House of Auctions. In the case of a dispute, the purchaser can only be reimbursed if lack of authenticity of an object is definitively
acknowledged. Reimbursements are not given in the case of damages, returns, etc., as the House of Auctions Babuino s.r.l acts in the name of
the seller and does not claim the legal responsibility for the condition of objects. Consequently, the highest bidder will not be able to contest
any eventual errors and/or inaccuracies between the indications in the catalogue and the actual objects, nor can they contest any eventual
difference between the photographic image and the exhibited object, nor any differences between details described in the catalogue and actual
object (i.e. materials and manufacturing techniques, date of object, etc.).
10. The House of Auctions Babuino s.r.l. does not give reimbursements for the total amount of purchased objects, in the case a dispute is
resolved favouring the purchaser, after payment has already been made to the owner.
The House of Auctions will suspend the payment of an object to the owner, if the dispute is resolved within 30 days of the auction sale.
11. For objects eventually subject to the investigation by the State, according to articles 2, 3 and 5 of law 1/6/1939 n. 1089 and successive
modifications, the purchasers must observe all of the relevant legislative regulations, with all burdens falling on the purchaser, legal right
stemming from D. Lgs 13.2.2006 n. 118.
12. Exporting goods from the Italian Republic is subject to the norms contained in DL. 29110/99 n. 490 (art. 65 - 72). Obtaining certificates
of free circulation to release cargo is the responsibility of the purchaser. Lack of, or a delayed release of, any licence, even if due to notifications
from the State occurring after a sale, does not constitute cancellation of the sale, nor does it justify delayed payment for goods or payment for
less than the total amount due.
13. The present regulations are published in the sale catalogue and, therefore, are considered accepted by whoever becomes the highest bidder
of an object. The purchaser, therefore, assumes the legal responsibility of all purchases.
14. The present terms of sale are regulated by Italian law. All controversy that arrive in relation to the application, interpretation, and execution
of the present terms of sale is exclusively deferred to the Court of Rome.
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