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Lot 67: PEJU ALATISE (b.1975) ASCENSION 2011 Mixed media

Est: ₦900,000 NGN - ₦1,200,000 NGN
Arthouse ContemporaryMay 07, 2012Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria

Item Overview


PEJU ALATISE (b.1975) ASCENSION 2011 Mixed media on canvas 122 x 182.9 cm. (48 x 72 in.) Signed and dated (lower right) Artist's Statement I am a story teller, painter, sculptor, architect and furniture-designer but an artist in all. I have practiced professionally in these fields and I have found it difficult to abandon one for the other. Recently (in the past 2 years , I have attempted to intersect all these experiences and knowledge into one. Each art-piece I produce tells a story; my paintings become heavily 3-dimensional and sculptures are finished painterly. The execution of each art-piece is a result of experimenting and understanding characteristics of materials with the desire to present them in a contemporary African-aesthetics language.

Artist or Maker

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Modern and Contemporary Art

Arthouse Contemporary
May 07, 2012, 06:30 PM CAT

The Wheatbaker 4 Onitolo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, NG