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William Percy French (1854 - 1920)

Lot 36: Percy French (1854-1920)


May 26, 2004
Dublin 2, Ireland

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Percy French (1854-1920) Kinny Pottle Komicks A hand decorated programme for an evenings (Thursday 21st February) entertainment entitled "Maud Nigri at Nigrati" Four sided printed, with ink and watercolour, 22.5 x 17.5 cm (9.75 x 6.75")

Artist or Maker

Percy French (1854-1920)


Collection of Samuel Jones, Cavan, a friend of the artist; thence by descent Percy French went to work for the Board of Works in Cavan as Inspector of Drains having graduated with an engineering degree from Trinity College, Dublin While living there he formed a band called 'The Kinnypottle Komics' named after the Kinnypottle River that flows through Cavan town. The band included Samuel Jones, a solicitor in Cavan who is represented as one of the musicians in the top row of the illustration. Percy French is himself represented playing the banjo. This programme, decorated by Percy French, was given to Samuel Jones and thence by descent to the present owners.

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