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Petr Ivanovic Kotov (1889 - 1953)

Lot 65130: PETR IVANOVICH KOTOV (Russian, 1889-1953) Washing

Heritage Auctions

November 14, 2008
Dallas, TX, US

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PETR IVANOVICH KOTOV (Russian, 1889-1953) Washing Day, 1934 Oil on canvas 33 x 47 inches (83.8 x 119.4 cm) Inscribed verso in Cyrillic In his painting Washing Day, Kotov depicts women laboring at the accumulated laundry of the week. Much like the scenes of laundresses prevalent in Barbizon or French Impressionist painting, Kotov has taken a sympathetic approach to the women's labor showing their chapped hands raw from the scalding water. Their faces are ruddy and pink from the steam and exertion, and they are dressed for battle with kerchiefs on and sleeves rolled up. Caught at the end of the day's work, the seated women lean heavily on their legs with drooping shoulders. The result of their efforts is visible in the background, where the freshly washed linen is hung to dry. Kotov's loose brushwork energizes this common scene, capturing the essence of emotion without getting bogged down by an over-attention to detail. « » («») , . , , , . . . , , . , . , .

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