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Phil Brinkman (b. 1916)

Lot 176: PHIL BRINKMAN New Orleans Street Scene Painting

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May 26, 2022
Chesterland, OH, US

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Impressive New Orleans street scene watercolor painting on unique custom abstract convex style board as shown by American artist Phil Brinkman b. 1916.Phil Brinkman had been a commercial artist, for six years before WW II. Brinkman spent much of his time painting murals around Davis-Monthan. Phil came into the Air Corps with his paint box. He was assigned to Special Services; his military occupational specialty was designated as Draftsman as there was not a category for artist. His early art assignments included lettering the CO€™s name on the door as well as other base signage. In 1943 he was stationed at Davis-Monthan Field in Tuscan, Arizona. Phil did his first mural here in the Service Men€™s Club. The mural, which covered the walls of a room 36 by 90 feet, depicted the history of flight beginning with the fall of Icarus, and covered the early pioneers in aviation and their planes through the modern B-24. Included in the mural were portraits of the aviators and text scrolls, which gave a detailed history of the men and the aircraft. The mural was used as a teaching aide on base as well. While Phil was stationed at Davis-Monthan, the commander of the 834th Bomb Squadron (Heavy), Winfred €œJip” Howell saw this mural. The two worked together to come up with a theme for the groups B-24€™s, twelve planes needing distinctive markings. The idea for the Fighting Zodiacs was born. Phil was transferred to the 486th and soon found he was on his way to England.

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