Lot 1002: [ Philatelic ]

Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions

October 5, 2012
London, United Kingdom

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Description: A mainly Q.V. collection in an Imperial album, incl. Antigua, Australian States, Bahamas, Barbados, Bechuanaland with 1885-87 1/2d. with variety ''ritish'' unused (no gum), 1888 to 10s. mint, 1888 1s. on 1s. mint, Bermuda, British East Africa 1895-96 to 3r. mint, 1896-1901 set mint, 1897-1903 to 10r. mint, British Guiana, British Honduras, Canada 1897 Jubilee to $1 mint, 1875-92 registration 8c. unused, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Cyprus with 1894-96 set mint, Fiji, Gibraltar with 1886-87 1s. mint, 1889-96 set mint, 1898 set mint, Gold Coast, Great Britain, Hong Kong 1862-63 96c. unused, 1863-71 96c. brownish grey unused, 1876-77 28c. on 30c. unused, 1885 surcharged set unused, 1898 Jubilee 2c. mint, 1879 postcard stamps 3c. on 16c., 5c. on 18c. unused, Postal fiscals 1891 $5 on $10 mint, 1897 $1 on $2 (2) mint, India with Convention States, Jamaica, Labuan, Lagos, Kenya, Uganda & Tanganyika, Malayan States with Straits Settlements with Pahang, Perak, Malta 1899-1901 to 10s. mint, Mauritius, New Zealand, North Borneo, Nyasaland, St. Helena, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sarawak, Seychelles, Trinidad and Tobago, Zanzibar, etc., mixed condition. (100s).
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