Lot 48: Photos of Famed Admors and Rabbis. 20th Century

Winner's Auctions LTD

January 15, 2013
Jerusalem, Israel

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Description: Eight photos of noted Admors and Rabbis of the 20th century. Black and white. Varied sizes.* The National Convention in America (right to left): Admor of Sadigura; Rabbi Eliezer Silver; Admor of Boyan; Rabbi Moshe Feinstein; Admor of Novominsk. Large photo, 20x25 cm. Fold marks, peeled at center bottom.* Photo of the 'Ahavat Yisrael', Rabbi Yisrael Hager of Vishnitz with other people in Marienband. The owner of the photo identifies himself on the bottom of the picture. 9x10 cm. Fine condition. * Two photos of Vishnitz Admors. 14x9 cm. Fine condition.* Photo of the av beit din in Piotrkow, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau, father of former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. 9x14 cm. Fine condition.* Admor Chaim Meir and his brother Baruch of Seret Vishnitz. At a melava malka meal?* Photo of Admors Rabbi Chaim Meir Hager and the Admor of Kopishnitz? in a carriage. 14x9 cm.* Photo of Admors Rabbi Alter Horowitz of Dzikov, his son Rabbi Chaim Mendel, Rabbi Simcha P"T av"d Skavin, and his son, Rabbi Mordechai Dov P"T, av"d Yavronoaza in the streets of the city. 13x9 cm. Light tear on the left. This picture is featured in 'Meorei Galicia', volume 2, p. 155.
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