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Otto Gerlach (1862 - 1908)


Hermann Historica GmbH

May 10, 2014
Grasbrunn / Munich, Germany

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PREUSSEN HERRSCHERHAUS HOHENZOLLERN, Emperor William II in Koblenz - a painting by O. Gerlach circa 1897, Mixed technique brush drawing in brown heightened with white over pencil signed on the lower left inscription on the back dimensions 30 x 46.5 cm. Under glass with mount. Depiction of the arrival of Emperor William II at the Koblenz central station, " with Fort Konstantin firing salute in the background. Lively scene that took place on the occasion of the inauguration of the monument for Emperor William I at the ""Deutsches Eck"" by William II on 31 August 1897. Otto Gerlach (1862 - 1908) studied at the Leipzig Academy under Nieper and later at the Berlin Academy with A. v. Werner and others. he worked as a book illustrator and illustration specialist for the journal ""Leipziger Illustrirte Zeitung""" for example at the World Exhibitions in Paris London and Milan. The object is in the consignor's possession a pre-auction viewing can be arranged.

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Hermann Historica GmbH
May 10, 2014, 10:00 AM CET

Grasbrunn / Munich, Germany