Kurt Schmid-Ehmen (1901 - 1968)

Lot 7865: Professor Kurt Schmid-Ehmen (1901 - 1968) - a portrait in relief of Mathilde Ludendorff.

Hermann Historica GmbH

May 10, 2011
Munich, Germany

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Description: Plaster, at the collar with monogram and date "SCH-E 1963". At the lower rim signature of Mathilde Ludendorff. Dimensions 40 x 47 cm.
Mathilde Friederike Karoline Ludendorff (1877 - 1966), German teacher and physician, was mainly known for the fact that she was the second wife of Erich Ludendorff and for her engagement as a representative of the nationalistic movement. She held her own views about nationalistic religious conspiracy theories, according to which Jews, Jesuits and Freemasons were cooperating as supranational powers. After the war she founded the "Bund für Deutsche Gotterkenntnis" (alliance for German awareness of God or Ludendorff Movement).
The portrait was made in 1963 on the occasion of the abrogation of the judgement against her as chief culprit.
Condition Report: II
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