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Rachel Ruysch (1664 - 1750)

Lot 1334: Rachel Ruysch (1664 Amsterdam - 1750 Amsterdam).


October 25, 2008
Hamburg, Germany

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Rachel Ruysch (1664 Amsterdam - 1750 Amsterdam). Nachfolge - Blumenstillleben mit Schmetterlingen. Um 1800 Oil on panel .44 x 31,8 cm (17,3 x 12,5 in). [AS]. Expertise: With a writing (E-mail) from Herrn Fred G. Meijer, Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, The Hague, from 13 June 2008 Good overall impression. Retouchings(?) in the area of the top rose and in the lower right part of the bouquet. Tny colour flakings in lower left. Edges minimally rubbed in places, due to the framing. With a tiny superficial dirt stain in lower right.

Artist or Maker

Rachel Ruysch

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