Lot 199: Rare Astronaut Group 2 autographs

One of a Kind Collectibles Auctions, LLC

October 27, 2016
Miami, FL, US

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Description: This is a fantastic set of vintage autographs from the group 2 astronauts, which was obtained in person form one of the Dr.'s in charge of training the astronauts. The set includes 8 of the 9 selected autographs. This extraordinary early set of autographs also includes one of the lead Dr.'s for training the Mercury astronauts Dr. W. K. Douglas, Flight Surgeon on the Space Task Group staff and Colonel Keith G. Lindell, United States Air Force, Assistant Deputy for NASA Manned Space Vehicles, Deputy for Engineering, Space Systems Division, Air Force Systems Command, from 20 January 1959 to 1 November 1962.
The astronauts included are:Neil A. Armstrong,Frank F. Borman, II,Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr,James A. Lovell, Jr, James A. McDivitt, Elliot M. See, Jr.,Thomas P. Stafford,John W. Young

NASA's Astronaut Group 2, also known as The New Nine, was the second group of astronauts selected by NASA and announced on September 17, 1962. The group was required to augment the original Mercury 7 with the announcement of the Gemini program and leading to the Apollo program. While the Original 7 had been selected to accomplish the simpler task of orbital flight, the new challenges of rendezvous and lunar landing led to the selection of candidates with advanced engineering degrees (for four of the New Nine) as well as test pilot experience. Two of this group had been candidates for the original 7, but were not selected then for medical reasons. In addition, Group 2 became the first group with civilian test pilots in the group; See flew for General Electric, while Armstrong flew the X-15 research plane for NASA.
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