Lot 78: Rare Dr. Hans Slaone, 1738 Medical treatment for Patient

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October 27, 2016
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Description: Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) autograph letter signed 8 December 1738 to Welsh physician Dr. Alban Thomas (1688-1771), single page, offering advice on the treatment of his patient, Sir Thomas Knolles of Wenallt, Pembroke, mounted, toned, old folds, some losses, affecting only a word or two, 10 3/4 x 7 in.; Sir Hans Sloane, 1st Baronet, PRS (16 April 1660 – 11 January 1753) was an Irish born British physician, naturalist and collector, notable for bequeathing his collection to the nation, thus providing the foundation of the British Museum. His name was later used for streets and places such as Hans Place, Hans Crescent and Sloane Square in London, and also to Sir Hans Sloane Square in his birthplace 8" x 11"
Dec. 8. 1738.
I have read over & considered the case of Mr. Knolles & very much approve of yor. proceeding with him & in the first place (notwithstanding his corpulency & inclination to a dropsicall humour) I would have him bled ab’t nine ounces & take lambitive twice or thrice a day wt a little fl. sulph. putt in it, after which he may drink a draught of emuls. of almonds & the cold seeds made with barley water in wch. may be added some gum arabic. He should drink Bath or Bristoll waters soft ale & such dilatory drinks that are soft as you have already given him. There seems some excoriation in the urethra occasioned by some gravell or stone which I would propose you should help wth either warm milk injected or some mucilginous infusion wt a litle fl. sulph. added to it to heal any such sore place. I think likewise a balsamic bolus or pills made of balsam may be ver'y proper taken at night wt a drauht of warm bath water after it to endeavour take of the sharpnesse of his water. I would also propose to you his sweetning his messes of food or drinks wt syrup of marshmallows instead of common sugar & the mixing a little diacodium in great pains. I propose these things as likely upon tryall to help him & leave you to try. persist in or leave them of as you see needfull. If any purge be necessary, Jalap I take to be best for him. I need say no more to one who understands his profession so well & remain yor most obedt & affectionate servt
Hans Sloane.
Milk meats seem very proper for yor patient at sometimes of the day.
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