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James D. Julia

October 9, 2001
Fairfield, ME, US

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18..45 cal./20 ga. 23" barrels. Both the rifle and shotgun are for center fire cartridges. Marked "COLONEL LE MAT.PAT" in an uneven line through pits on top of the barrel. Also marked "A.G.Z" on the right side of the frame. The only visible number appears on the right side of the trigger guard. The rear sight and the trigger guard screws are missing. The lower tang has been bent to accommodate the current stock, which is also marked "A.G.Z." for the consignor's grandfather, August George Zummach who was a collector of guns for many years in the Las Vegas, New Mexico area. CONDITION: Blue/brown patina overall with moderate to heavy pitting remaining, despite signs of filing and cleaning. The current stock has been crudely fashioned. Mechanically needs work. 4-43583 FS114.

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Important Firearms Auction

James D. Julia
October 9, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

Fairfield, ME, US