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Rita Letendre (1928 - 2021)

Lot 61: Rita Letendre 1928 - Canadian oil on canvas Impact


May 17, 2012
Vancouver, BC, CA

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Rita Letendre 1928 - Canadian oil on canvas Impact II 60 x 48 inches 152.4 x 121.9 centimeters signed and dated 1965 and on verso signed, titled, dated and inscribed ""#3"" Provenance:Galerie Camille Hébert, Montreal Private Collection, Quebec Rita Letendre was approaching an important artistic juncture in the year 1965. She had received tremendous critical and commercial success with her fiery and visceral paintings of the early 1960s, which were explosive in colour and texture. However, by the mid-1960s she was moving towards geometric shapes and hard-edged painting, a style that she would continue to develop into the next decade. Impact II acts as a link between these two styles. Its thick and undulating texture is reminiscent of her works from the early 1960s; however, the title and horizontal shape near the centre evoke ties to the later geometric works. Despite the limited colour palette, there is significant visual interest in the piece, highlighted by the white gestures breaking free from the dark, moody background. There is a tremendous sense of atmosphere and we get a feeling that this is an otherworldly space, which is a further tie to the works to come. Throughout her career, Letendre was particularly concerned with light, darkness and movement, which Impact II harnesses in a striking - and almost daunting - manner.

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Fine Art

May 17, 2012, 4:00 PM PST

Vancouver, BC, CA