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Rita Letendre (1928 - 2021)

Lot 32: Rita Letendre 1929 - Canadian oil on canvas


November 19, 2008
Vancouver, BC, CA

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Rita Letendre 1929 - Canadian oil on canvas L'éveil 20 x 30 inches 50.8 x 76.2 centimeters signed and dated 1961 and on verso signed, titled, dated and inscribed ""215"" Provenance:Private Collection, Vancouver When she created this painting in 1961, Letendre was regularly visiting New York and exhibiting her work internationally. While continuing to embrace the ideals she developed during her study with the Automatists, Letendre was also cultivating an awareness of the European and American art scenes. Her dedication to abstraction is observed in this painting in its most developed and commanding form. L'éveil demonstrates the fluid evolution of Letendre's style, from the regulated tidiness of her earliest works to a liberated and confident disorder found in her more mature compositions. Letendre has used a limited palette for this painting, a feature of her work that contributes to its emotion and intensity. Preferring to apply colours in their purest form, she squeezed her paints from the tube, blending them with a palette knife directly on the canvas. L'éveil contains the sharp black outbursts consistently present in her paintings of the 1960s. These severe black expanses, in contrast with exuberant forms of yellow and red, generate energy and tension in her exploration of positive and negative space.

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