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Robert (1947) Clark (b. 1947)

Lot 250: [Robert Selbie Clark (1882-1950)]


September 25, 2001
London, United Kingdom

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A collection of 7 works from Clark's library, in 9 volumes, 1906-1940, all of Polar interest, four inscribed or signed by Clark. The collection comprises: 1. Robert Neal Rudmose BROWN, R.C. MOSSMAN & J.H.Harvey PIRIE. The Voyage of the "Scotia". Edinburgh and London, 1906. Spence 193. 2. Sir Ernest SHACKLETON. The heart of the Antarctic... new and revised edition. London, 1910. Spence 1101. 3. Roald AMUNDSEN. The South Pole. Tr. A.G. Chater. London, 1912. 2 volumes. 4. Robert Falcon SCOTT. Scott's Last Expedition. London, 1914. 2 volumes. 5. Edward R.G.R EVANS, Admiral Lord Mountevans. South with Scott. London, Glasgow, 1921. 6. Hugh Robert MILL. The Life of Sir Ernest Shackleton. London, 1933. 7. Frank A. WORSLEY. Shackleton's Boat Journey. London, 1940. Spence 1281. PROVENANCE: Robert Selbie Clark (1882-1950). Alexander Hepburne Macklin (1889-1967), and thence by descent to the present owners. 9 (9).

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September 25, 2001, 12:00 AM EST

London, United Kingdom