Lot 1: Samuel Adams - Document Signed Twice

The Written Word Autographs

September 18, 2010
Tamworth, NH, US

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Description: Samuel Adams (1722-1803) Founding Father. Adams became a strong opponent of British taxation measures and organized resistance to the Stamp Act. He influenced reaction to the Tea Act of 1773, organized the Boston Tea Party, and led opposition to the Intolerable Acts. He was a delegate to the Continental Congress and he continued to call for separation from Britain and signed the Declaration of Independence. He helped draft the Massachusetts constitution in 1780 and served as the state's governor from 1794 until 1797. 12 ½" x 13" partially printed document signed twice, Boston, October 7, 1770. The document is an appointment of Moses Bailey as "...First Lieutenant of the Eleventh Company (Commanded by Jonathon Abbot) in the fourth Regiment Militia...." Adams has signed twice, the second time as "Sam Adams Secy." Also signing are: Artemas Ward, Jacob Fisher, Moses Gill, B. White, F. Danielson, F. M. Dunn, Nicholas Cushing, Oliver Prescott, F. Miller, Aaron Wood, Sam Hills, Noah Goodman and Samuel Baker. The paper seal is attached, there is scattered toning and a pin hole in one fold. The condition otherwise is clean, fresh and excellent. All the signatures are dark and clear. The appointment has been framed between two pieces of glass, with a gold molding.
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